After waiting over a week to play their scheduled games, the Orioles finally got the chance to take on the Miami Marlins for a four-game series from Tuesday to Thursday.

In short, it did not go well.

Despite coming in at a surprising 5-3, Baltimore quickly regressed to the team many expected to see and was promptly swept by the now 6-1 Marlins. Miami was a team considered in the same position as the Orioles for 2020, but for three days at Camden Yards, it didn't really look like it.


After dominating the series, the Marlins piled on with a pretty solid troll job involving reporter Gaby Sanchez holding a broom to signify what they had just done in Baltimore.

This clever piece of social media work came just a day after the account made a joke about wanting to face the Alabama Crimson Tide football team, considering they were putting together a strong stretch of performances. They've since switched the roles of that meme following yet another win.

The past few years have seen Miami become the brunt of most jokes in baseball, and the COVID-19 outbreak in the locker room to begin this season did not help the image of the team. But in a 60 game season where anything can happen, the Marlins are adding to the chaos early on by shaking up the standings, and they're making sure to take advantage of their time on top. 


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