The Orioles mentioned before Opening Day that this iteration of the roster had a looser vibe to it, one where players were free to be themselves.

After Saturday’s postgame celebration, that’s easy to believe.

Rookie manager Brandon Hyde helped guide the Orioles to their first win of the season, and the first win of his career, Saturday afternoon in New York.

After the Orioles finished off the 5-3 victory over the Yankees, the significance of the win was not lost on the team.

Hyde came out to meet with the media, and reporters tweeted that he appeared to be soaking wet, smelling like a bar.

Now we know why.

Celebrating a big win is about the only time in someone’s life they’ll be happy to have beer dumped on them, so Hyde was of course a good sport about the whole thing, even after being forced into a laundry cart and wheeled into the showers.

It's a time-honored tradition in baseball, and it wasn’t just the players getting involved. It appears towards the end of the “shower” pitching coach Doug Brocail joins in the pouring.

There aren’t going to be many wins to celebrate this season, so it’s encouraging to see the team having fun and enjoying the ups in what is sure to be a year with many downs.


Also, kudos to the players for bringing Hyde into a room with drains first. I’m sure the clubhouse staff at Yankee Stadium appreciates it.

All in all, this is a good, fun celebration that highlights the camaraderie this group already has with each other and their coaches. Hopefully this is the first of many wins in a long career in Baltimore.

Maybe next time they can find a way to celebrate their manager that doesn’t waste so much beer, though.