Orioles first-round pick Cowser missed phone call from GM


For a prospect, receiving a call on the night of the MLB Draft is a moment many dream of and wait for. It signifies the moment a lifelong goal has been achieved.

On Sunday night, Sam Houston State outfielder Colton Cowser had an opportunity to experience that rush of excitement when the Orioles selected him with the No. 5 pick in the 2021 MLB Draft.

The only problem was he missed the call.

The Orioles shared a video of the moment Cowser found out he was heading to Baltimore, but it wasn't the typical phone-call moment many are used to seeing. He called executive vice president and general manager Mike Elias, to which Elias quipped, “What’s going on, you’re not answering your phone?”

“I actually got a phone call and it was from a like I didn’t have the number," Cowser said of the moment. "So, I was told not to answer if I didn’t have the number.”

Following the advice he was given, Cowser ignored the random number. That was until he realized Elias was on the other side of it.

“It ended up being him, so I gave him a call right back," Cowser said.

From there, he was informed that he would be the latest highly-touted prospect to be joining the Orioles' system. Even if it wasn't conventional, Cowser still got that special call.

As for Elias, phone answering aside, he knows there is a lot to love about Cowser's game. The 2021 Southland Conference Player of the Year is someone that Baltimore sees as an exceptional talent in all phases of the game.


“He’s a five-tool player and he’s somebody that we project to impact our team and our lineup on both sides of the ball," Elias said.

Maybe that should be changed to six tools, with the final one being that he won't be falling for spam calls anytime soon.