For Branden Kline, it was a long winding road to his shot in the Major League.

Since being selected in the second round of the 2012 draft, he had three surgeries and spent six years in the minor leagues. So when he got the call up from Triple A to help the Orioles in their double-header on Saturday, he did what any person would do after hearing that kind of news: Cried for "a solid 30 minutes", he admitted to reporters.

From MLB.com:

“I’m a little bit of a softie,” Kline admitted, standing at his new locker in the Orioles clubhouse Saturday afternoon. “I was really excited, and the emotions started to hit me, just thinking about the journey it’s taken to get me here to this point.”

And on the day of his debut, his mom, in an interview with the TV station MASN followed suit. 

Linda Kline, wiping tears, was asked about her feelings on her son's debut.

"Emotional," she said. "He worked so hard to get here."


Kline spoke about taking her son, a Frederick, Md. native, to games at Camden Yards when he was a kid. The family, she said, would sit in the "nosebleed" section. So to watch him on that diamond on Saturday?

"It was worth every minute," she said, "... This is something we'll remember for the rest of our lives."