Major League Baseball has reached out to the Baltimore Orioles ownership requesting a formal answer on who the current leadership consists of by June, according to multiple sources and first reported by The Baltimore Sun.

Though long-time owner Peter Angelos' two sons Louis and John have become more involved in team activities while their father continues to deal with health issues, Major League Baseball and all club owners must pass a formal approval of whoever the Orioles deem to be the new person in control.

The next club owners meeting takes place in June, which is when the league would like an answer, according to multiple unnamed sources. This gives Baltimore around three months to come up with a response to the MLB. 

Angelos has owned the team for over a quarter of a century since purchasing the team in 1993 for $173 million. However, his sons have taken larger roles in years past as Angelos has had to step away from the team to deal with his health issues. 

Still owning majority control, Major League Baseball's request doesn't necessarily mean that the Angelos' time as the family owning the team will come to an end, as one of his sons is more than likely to be appointed. The request does potentially signify the end to Peter Angelo's time at the helm.

As the Orioles continue to work on a rebuild coming off a 47-win season, new faces have already introduced to the franchise. Besides a boat-load of new prospects due to trades, Baltimore also hired former Cubs bench coach Brandon Hyde to be their new manager.


Now, it looks like ownership could be the next part of the team to see a change.