Photo evidence of Rodriguez breaking Rutschman's glove


Sometimes, you have to see it to believe it. And in this case, the "it" is Adley Rutschman's broken catcher's mitt.

Rutschman, the Orioles' top prospect and the best catching prospect in minor league baseball, tried to catch a 99 mph fastball from Grayson Rodriguez, the Orioles' second-best prospect and the best pitching prospect in minor league baseball.

It did not go well. At least, not for the glove.

Rodriguez has been known to turn up the heat with his fastball, reaching as high as 103 mph according to the Bowie stadium radar gun. This 99 mph offering was tame by comparison, but it still did enough damage to completely destroy Rustchman's glove.

We're sure the Orioles' equipment managers, and Rutschman himself, won't mind the inconvenience of a few broken mitts if it means Rodriguez is still pumping gas and continuing to show why he is the best pitching prospect the O's system has produced since Dylan Bundy.