Pouring over your favorite baseball team’s promotional schedule is a time-honored tradition, and Orioles fans finally have the chance to mark their calendars with this year’s best items to add to their collections. 

The Orioles announced their 2019 promotional schedule this week, and fans are already excited about some of the best giveaways and theme nights that Camden Yards has to offer this season. 

And yes, before you ask, they’ll be bringing back fan favorites like the floppy hats and hawaiian shirts.

As always, there are a few standouts on the calendar this season.

In early May, the Orioles will be one of many teams to hold a Star Wars theme night. Fans could go home with multiple fun items, including both a Trey Mancini jedi knight bobblehead and an awesome BB-8 beanie. You can probably guess which day this night is... (okay, it’s May 4. Get it? May the 4th be with you? You get it).

May also brings fans Game of Thrones night. In the past, this theme has come up later in the season, but with the iconic HBO series airing it’s finale on May 19, the Orioles have bumped up their big celebration to just two days after it’s all wrapped up.


Also, on June 13, they’ll be giving away something called a “crab hat.” There’s no picture listed, so I have no idea what this is, but I already know I’d be willing to spend an irresponsible amount of money on one.

Some other highlights on the docket:

May 11 - A League of Their Own movie night (Giveaway: “There’s no crying in baseball” shirt)

June 11 - Margaritaville Night (Giveaway: “It’s 7:05 Somewhere” shirt)

June 28 - Orioles floppy hat

June 29 - Orioles Maryland flag replica jersey

July 13 - Birdland Hawaiian shirt

July 16 - Brooks Robinson bobblehead

August 9 - 30-year reunion celebration for ‘89 Why Not? Team

August 10 - Dashboard Hula Bird

September 20 - O’stoberfest (for fans 21 and over)

Considering the team lost 115 games in 2018 and looks poised to be even worse in 2019, the front office is certainly hoping an exciting slate of giveaways will help stave off any decline in attendance.