Mancini wants to help make colon cancer screenings affordable


Back in June, in the midst of his battle with Stage 3 colon cancer, Baltimore Orioles infielder/outfielder Trey Mancini partnered with the Colorectal Cancer Alliance in order to raise awareness and funding for others going through similar circumstances.

Creating "#F16HT" t-shirts, the Orioles and Mancini raised over $80,000 for the organization. While Mancini has since finished his final treatment, his advocation to bring more attention to colon cancer won't stop anytime soon.

“Of course, I’m just getting started with that," Mancini said on Wednesday. "It’s something that’s very important to me.”

For Mancini, his diagnosis came as a surprise. At just 28 years old, he would have never believed that he was at risk. Now understanding that cancer can impact anyone, he's working to make sure others are getting screened and checking for any irregularities.

Serving on the “Never Too Young” advisory board for the Colorectal Cancer Alliance, Mancini has made it a goal to alert young people in order to help with early diagnosis and aid in research.

“People are getting it at a much younger age now and we’re not exactly sure why but there is a reason, so we want to find that out," Mancini said.

Additionally, his time going through initial tests and subsequent treatment showed Mancini that being able to afford the proper care and have the resources to catch cancer early is not a privilege everyone has.  

Going forward, he wants to be the one to help change that.


“That’s something I’m really interested in doing is maybe helping them pay for their colonoscopy, too. Cause it’s easy to say go get screened, go get a colonoscopy but some people just can’t, unfortunately, afford to do it," Mancini said. "So, I really want to try to help some people out monetarily with getting their screenings done.”

Mancini was able to overcome his battle with cancer, but he knows he's not alone in the fight. Just as his support system did for him, he wants to be there to help others through the journey and make resources more accessible to many.