Yankees manager Aaron Boone feels he was bullied by umpires


Ever since Major League Baseball expanded their instant replay rules to include challenges, the heated manager-umpire shouting match has become more of a rarity.

Rather than getting in each others' faces about a potential blown call, managers can simply request the umpires put on the headsets and take a closer look at any given play.

Occasionally though, things can still get intense on the field. And every now and then, fans are treated to an old-school debate between a manager and crew chief.

That played out Monday night in Baltimore as Yankees manager Aaron Boone was ejected in the eighth inning. It was just Boone's 12th ejection since being hired by New York ahead of the 2018 season.

The Yankees had the bases loaded with two outs when Gio Urshela hit a line drive to left field. New York scored one run, then Aaron Judge was tagged out at third base.

The Yankees thought a second run had crossed the plate before Judge was tagged, but the umpiring crew determined that only one run would count. Boone was not happy, to put it mildly.

After the game, the manager complained about the quick hook.

"It was too quick," Boone said to reporters Monday night. "And I just felt like it was kind of bullying, frankly."

It's an interesting stance by Boone. Similar to Duke in college basketball, the Lakers in the NBA and the Patriots in the NFL, the Yankees are considered the crown jewel of MLB franchises and have a reputation of calls always going their way. Furthermore, the Yankees are usually the bullies of baseball, rather than the victims.


Sometimes calls just don't your way. And for Boone on Monday, that apparently felt like being bullied.