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With 18 days to go until the 2019 season opener, The Arena Football League debuted new jerseys for this season for all six teams in a press conference earlier today at Capital One Arena, home of The Washington Valor.

Commissioner Randall Boe, said rebranding was the main purpose for the uniform change, in one of many changes the league has gone through this year.

“The whole concept of rebranding and the redesign is to show that Arena Football it’s exciting, it’s engaging and it's fast paced,” Boe said. “And all you have to do is go to a game and you’ll see what I mean.”

Chairman of the Executive Committee Ron Jaworski said making the uniforms look cool and finding a partner that shared the same vision that the AFL had was key in putting this all together.

“Uniforms got to be good. I can’t play well unless I go out there and look sharp and sleek, and I walk out that tunnel and fans go crazy and say look at those uniforms,” Jaworski said. “But we found a guy that is going to give us that and our players, when they come out that tunnel and 15,000 screaming fans are there, you know what they are going say, Wow! look at those uni’s man, they are so cool.”

CEO of Phenom Elite Nathan Dorton said the company worked with each team to come up with their uniform concept and that is what separates them from other uniform designers.


“We did a great job working with each team individually to come up with a style and design that they specifically like,” Dorton said. “That is one of our selling points as a brand is being able to customize and meet customers’ needs as best, we can rather than being in a cookie cutter model sort of speak with other apparel brands.”

Along with the uniforms, the league has changed the ball they play with, added two new teams in the Atlantic City Blackjacks and the returning Columbus Destroyers and made clock changes for the upcoming season.

The Washington Valor open the 2019 season on the road against The Baltimore Brigade on April 26.