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Hold on for warmer weather and fish very slowly on steep drops out of the current.

Water temperatures will be in the mid 30s. NBC Ch. 4 meteorologist "Weather Kim" Martucci says, “Strange winter weather. Low 30s on Monday. 40s on Tuesday. 50s on Wednesday and 60 for Thursday into the weekend. Chance of rain mid week. Overnight temperatures this week from 20 to 45.”

Silver Buddy lures work well on 10-pound test GAMMA Edge or with Torque braid main line. Cast to the shallow end of drops and allow the bait to reach the bottom. A short sharp pop and slowly allow the bait to drop back to the bottom. This is where bites occur. Use a medium action rod with a fast reel and set the hook. Focus on the steep drops.

Try Punisher Hair jigs with a small plastic chunk and Punisher rattle. A spray of Jack's Juice will soak into hair. Use 8 pound test GAMMA Edge or as a leader with 15-pound test Torque braid. Fish the same drops and barely lift and allow the jig to glide and sit. Mix in small shakes and slow drags. A medium heavy spinning rod works best. The Quantum Smoke spinning reels are fast and can take up line for better hook sets.


During the warmest part of the day, cast Lucky Craft Bevy Shad suspending crankbaits and work over warmed areas on flats on the drops. Either drag or drag and lift, working pauses into this presentation. Lighter 6 pound test Copoly will allow the bait to run deeper and enable bites to be felt with much more effective hooksets.

Capt. Steve Chaconas is a guide on the Potomac River info@nationalbass.com