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There is good winter fishing in key areas on the Potomac River. Use lighter line and downsized lures.

Water is between 38-45, depending where you’re fishing. Outgoing tides are often warmer. NBC-4 meteorologist "Weather Kim" Martucci says, "The new year will start a bit wet with temperatures around 50. Clearing by Wednesday before dropping into the upper 30s for the weekend.”

Fishing during the warmest part of the day! Dress in layers, wear a PFD, and fish with a buddy. The best spots are out of the current areas with steep drops like Occoquon, Spoils Cove, National Harbor, and Belle Haven. Work lures down or parallel to drops.

Silver Buddy lures work well on 10-pound test GAMMA Edge fluorocarbon line. Use a medium heavy cranking rod with a fast reel. Gently burp and allow to drop. Bites occur on drops, so watch line and pay attention for fish when you lift again. Keep hooks sharp!

Follow up with Punisher hair jigs. Using 15 pound test Torque braid with a 10-pound Edge fluorocarbon leader will make it easier to detect light bites and to set the hook on long casts. A slow lift and drop or a slow drag and stop will work best. Work split shot and drop shot rigs slowly with 4-inch leaders on the drop shot, 10 inch on the split shot. Soak plastics in garlic flavor Jack's Juice. Use the same braid combo used with the hair jigs.


On warmed flats, go with Lucky Craft Bevy Shad, aurora gold, crankbaits. These suspend and can be easily worked to 8 feet deep. Drag and stop. Lift and drop. Tie to 8-pound test GAMMA Copoly. Cast on spinning gear with a medium action rod.

Capt. Steve Chaconas is a guide on the Potomac River. info@nationalbass.com