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Great bass fishing on the Potomac River

Steve Chaconas

Great bass fishing on the Potomac River

Bass are in grass and on flats near spawning areas. Bass have committed to spawning flats and should be more active this week as weather and water stabilize.

Water temperatures dropped to around 50 last week. Look for a modest rise this week getting into the 55-60 range once again. NBC Ch. 4 meteorologist "Weather Kim" Martucci says, "Warming to a more seasonable 60 degree range with overnights in the 40s. Rain likely on Tuesday and dry into the weekend."

The lure of choice has to be red…Lucky Craft LVR D-7 or the new RTO 150 lipless cranks. Fluorocarbon line is essential, even braid. Use 12-pound test GAMMA Edge or 20 pound test GAMMA Torque braid. Setting the hook at the end of a long cast is tough without these lines. Also consider changing hooks to Mustad KVD short shank triple grip trebles. These hooks make it much harder for fish to throw.

In shallow water or around shallow wood, use a Mann’s Baby 1-Minus on the same lines and color patterns. With all moving baits, snap free from grass and a slight pause will trigger strikes. Bumping wood and pausing is a way to get fish to strike too.

With chop, overcast skies and some color to the water, use a Mann’s Classic spinnerbait on 12-pound Edge. Slow roll through grass or bump wood. Use a 3/8 at higher tides and ¼ through thicker low tide grass.

Punisher hair jigs and Texas rigged Mizmo tubes can also be pitched to grass. Look for denser clumps of milfoil to target.

I tried a new reel last week. 13 Fishing Concept C, casts a mile!  Stop me on the water to check it out.

Capt. Steve Chaconas is a guide on the Potomac River. info@nationalbass.com

6.15.18: Rick Horrow chats with Pacers Vice Chairman Jim Morris


6.15.18: Rick Horrow chats with Pacers Vice Chairman Jim Morris

Rick Horrow the sports professor takes you through the biggest sports business stories of the week, plus a chat with Jim Morris, Vice Chairman Indianapolis Pacers/Pacers Sports & Entertainment.

By Rick Horrow

Podcast edtior: Tanner Simkins