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Other Sports

Big news in the world of gaming broke on Friday, as the Overwatch League announced new details surrounding home and away matches for the 2020 season. Beginning next year, the matchups will take place all over the world as teams travel to the locations of each franchise.

One of those franchises is based locally in Washington D.C., meaning those in the area will now have the opportunity to Washington Justice compete for money and glory. While a location for the events that normally draw a few thousand in attendance has not been determined yet, e-sports is coming to D.C. in the near future.

Currently, the Overwatch League, which revolves around teams playing the first-person shooter game 'Overwatch', consists of 20 teams both in the United States and around the world competing in events throughout the spring, summer and winter months in order to take home prizes amounting to $5 million. The players on each team also earn a guaranteed salary.

The matches, which have teams competing on four different maps and earning a point for each map victory, have taken place at the Blizzard Arena in Burbank, California. Special matches such as last year's Grand Final in Brooklyn attracted a crowd of around 18,000.

Besides attending competitions, the matches can be streamed on numerous platforms including Twitch, ESPN, Disney XD, overwatchleague.com, Overwatch League app and the Major League Gaming website and app, according to the league's website.