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In a new series on NBC Sports Washington, Alexa Shaw, Nick Ashooh and Wes Hall will be debating the important topics in our lives and ranking them according to their preference. We kick off today with ... what is the best burger?

Alexa, who isn't big on burgers in general, might have not been the most qualified to answer this. But she chimed in with this list: 

1. Chick-fil-a Grilled Chicken Sandwich
2. Dog Haus Mutha Clucka
3. In-N-Out with onions 

Wes had some more traditional options. His list: 

1. In-N-Out
2. Holy Cow's Sacre Bleu Burger
3. Five Guys

And Nick, we learned, is a Five Guys loyalist. His list: 

1. Five Guys
2. Shake Shack
3. Elevation Burger

The trio debate their pick in the video above. Vote here on whose list is correct (or reply with your own).