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With many spending more time at home than usual, we at NBC Sports Washington decided it was a good time to catch up on sports movies that some of us somehow have missed. DC Sports Live's Alexa Shaw finally got the chance to see one movie that the rest of us all saw as children ... Space Jam. Here's what she found:

Quick summary

Michael Jordan helps the Looney Toons in a game of basketball against the Nerdlucks from Moron Mountain who are looking to bring the Looney Toons to outer space to join them. The task is tough because the Nerdlucks have stolen the talent of five NBA stars to transform them into superstars.

Back on earth the NBA is in shambles and ultimately ends the season due to star players losing their abilities and not knowing why this is happening. Jordan finds out at halftime of the game that the Nerdlucks took the talents from his friends in the NBA. He puts a wager on the game that if the Looney Tunes win the talents go back to the NBA players and if Jordan loses, he himself will go to Moron Mountain. It’s Jordan being Jordan and betting on himself! 

It's available on YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, Google Play, Vudu and iTunes.

What jokes and frequently said lines I now understand after watching

“Don’t swing it’s a slider.” - The catcher telling Jordan what pitch is coming. 
“I’ll never go out with Madonna again.” - Charles Barkley promises, a play on the old rumors that they dated 
“Don’t ever call me Doll.” - Lola showing off her impressive basketball skills to Bugs Bunny 
“Michael’s secret stuff.” - Drink that transforms the Looney Toons into being superstar athletes 


Why I liked it:

The best part of the movie is the combination of live-action and animation. It’s a kid-friendly movie but also has subtle jokes throughout that only adults would understand. 

Recommendation scale (1-5):

4 for fun and nostalgia and a 3.5 for content  

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