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What is the best topping on pizza? Pineapple?

What is the best topping on pizza? Pineapple?

Here's to all of my fellow Cinnamon Toast Crunch fans out there.

I took the gold medal away from Nick, who had won the past two lists, for the last one with my cereal pick. Who doesn’t love a cereal that’s full of cinnamon and goes perfectly with milk?

Cinnamon Toast Crunch was the go-to cereal for me as a kid and is even good without milk. Yes, I said cereal without milk. Nick and Wes didn’t agree, but sometimes cereal is better dry. The best thing about Cinnamon Toast Crunch is it’s good either way! 

Now I want to keep this winning streak alive. Our next topic on “The List” is best pizza toppings. 

I’m from Southern California, so I grew up loving barbeque chicken pizza with pineapple. Yes, pineapple does belong on pizza!! Alex Ovechkin even agrees that the fruit BELONGS on pizza. 


Don’t go against me or Ovi on this one. Go barbeque chicken pizza WITH pineapple. 

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NASCAR suspends three of Denny Hamlin's crew members after piece falls off car

NASCAR suspends three of Denny Hamlin's crew members after piece falls off car

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) -- NASCAR on Monday suspended three critical crew members for Denny Hamlin's team because a piece of tungsten fell off his car on the pace lap before the Coca-Cola 600.

The tungsten is required to meet minimum weight requirements on the car and the NASCAR rule book states if it is separated at any point it is an automatic four-race suspension for the crew chief, car chief and engineer.

Chris Gabehart, the crew chief, was suspended along with car chief Brandon Griffeth and engineer Scott Simmons.

Joe Gibbs Racing said it would not appeal the penalty and already had roster replacements for Wednesday night's race at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Sam McAulay will be the crew chief, while Eric Phillips will be car chief and Scott Eldridge the engineer.

NASCAR's next four races are at Charlotte, Bristol, Atlanta and Martinsville between Wednesday night and June 10, when the suspension ends. NASCAR is trying to squeeze in eight postponed Cup events from a 10-week suspension for the conavirus pandemic.

The piece of ballast added to the car weighs 35 pounds and costs $1,877 from the supplier. It fell off the Joe Gibbs Racing Toyota before the start of Sunday's race and Hamlin went to pit road for additional weight to be added back to the car. He didn't join the race until eight laps had been completed.

He rallied to a 29th-place finish in the 40-car field.

Hamlin won not only the season-opening Daytona 500 but also won last Wednesday night at Darlington Raceway.

In The Loop: 'The Match' best moments, McCaffery shows off hands

In The Loop: 'The Match' best moments, McCaffery shows off hands

First up in our look around the sports world on this Memorial Day, during the champions for charity golf match this weekend, Tom Brady has quite the day. From being taunted by Peyton Manning and Charles Barkley, to ripping his pants, to making a birdie on the seventh hole earning a $100,000 donation to charity from Brooks Koepka it was a roller coaster kind of day.

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Oh no, Tom 😂 Watch #CapitalOnesTheMatch on TNT

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Next up, Christian McCaffery shared this video of his quarantine workout. An incredible behind the back catch, and let it be known this was a severely under thrown ball - show off!

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CMC just showing off 😳 (via @christianmccaffrey)

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Lastly, Nashville Predators left winger Colin Wilson isn’t a regular dad, he’s a cool dad. This video of him taking his pup for a ride on a scooter is everything you needed to see today.

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