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Pro Pets

Like most dog owners, there's nothing Elena Delle Donne and her wife, Amanda, wouldn't do for their dogs - Wrigley and Rasta. 

But in their work with Faithful Friends Animal Society, they're making an impact on dogs outside of their home. They've donated money to help Faithful Friends build a new shelter - with the Delle Donnes' donation, there will be two rooms built named after their dogs, Wrigley and Rasta.

"My wife and I adore animals," she said. "Our dog Rasta was adopted. The joy that Rasta brings to our lives is so great and we want to be able to help animals get a home."

The Mystics star brought home her Great Dane, Wrigley, during her rookie season in Chicago. She was a bit lonely and looking for a companion, she said. The lanky Wrigley was a perfect fit.

“Growing up I always had a thing for big dogs," she said. "I think me being pretty tall my whole life I liked Great Danes, they kind of made me feel like it was like me."

Delle Donne is confident that if her companions were basketball players Rasta would make major contributions on the court while Wrigley, on the other hand, would struggle a bit. 

“He [Wrigley] would definitely be a center. He’s so big he would be a back to the basket type of dog probably just drop-step layups ... I don't think he'd had many skills because he'd trip over his own feet,” she said.


Rasta, she thinks, would be a point guard.

"She's a lot like her first mom, my wife Amanda," Delle Donne said. "She would be the floor general kind of directing everybody around, I think she would be more of a passer than a shooter.” 

The two she said, get along well. Rasta, despite being about half Wrigley's size, Delle Donne said is the boss of the duo.

And like any dog owner, she looks forward to the unconditional enthusiasm she gets from them when she comes home each day.

“Even after a rough game or a tough practice I get to come home to so much love," she said. "And they’re there every single day just waiting for me and happy to see me.”