Ravens-Browns ending made sports betting world explode


Monday night's Ravens-Browns game was a spectacular battle. The ending, however, was only spectacular to some.

At one point before the matchup, PointsBet had the spread at Ravens -2.5. Closer to kickoff, however, various other sportsbooks moved the line to Ravens -3. Those who took Baltimore at that number won't forget how they cashed in for a long, long, long time — and those who bet the Browns on it won't forget how they failed to cash in for, well, the rest of their lives, probably.

After Justin Tucker drove home a 55-yard field goal with just two seconds remaining to give the visitors a 45-42 lead — note the margin there — the fantastic kicker then blasted the ensuing kickoff for a touchback. So, out came Cleveland to run one last-ditch play, a sequence that would undoubtedly end with a Brown getting tackled and the contest ending with the same three-point gap, right?

Oh, no. Wrong. Very wrong:

After at least a half-dozen laterals, the offense somehow drifted from their own 32-yard line to the back of their own end zone, where Jarvis Landry was pushed out of bounds for a safety.

Goodbye three-point victory, hello five-point victory, and HELLO all-time backdoor cover/bad beat.

Thanks to that chaos, anyone with the Ravens at -3 saw their tickets go from a push to a W when they had no business getting there. As for the bettors on the other side, just please keep them in your thoughts over the coming days.