Analyst says Jackson was ‘too honest’ about wanting to avoid snow


Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson was raised in South Florida and went to college at Louisville, limiting his exposure to snow and cold temperatures in general. Ahead of Baltimore’s AFC Divisional Round matchup with the Buffalo Bills on Saturday, Jackson told reporters that he’s never played a football game at any level with snow on the ground and is hoping the upstate New York region isn’t hit too hard.

“Zero experience,” Jackson said. “I never got to play in the snow. Except, my first-time seeing snow in Louisville, we had a snowball fight, so that’s totally different from playing in it. But yes, that definitely would be my first time playing football in the snow — Saturday, if it does. Hopefully, it doesn’t.”

With Buffalo’s forecast not favoring Jackson’s hopes, the Ravens may have to deal with the cold, wet and windy conditions that the Bills have grown accustomed to. Former Bills lineman Ross Tucker, now an NFL analyst, joined the Dan Patrick Show on Wednesday and poked fun at the Ravens quarterback.

“The first rule of snow football club is never admit that you don't want to be a part of snow football,” Tucker said. “Lamar, I think, is a little bit too honest. We know you don’t wanna play in the snow, man. But it might be snowing Saturday night so just embrace it and have fun.”


Tucker did go on to say that he thinks the weather actually could benefit Baltimore’s style of play. The Ravens’ offense is built around a strong rushing attack, a game plan both teams may be forced to turn to if the wind and snow limit their ability to throw the ball. Buffalo, however, ranked just 20th in rushing yards per game (107.7) and just lost running back Zack Moss for the rest of the season.