Bart Scott: Mad Steelers players sound 'like children'


Shortly after the NFL pushed back the Ravens' Thursday night matchup with the Steelers to Sunday afternoon, several Pittsburgh players expressed their frustration with the league postponing another one of their games due to their opponent's struggles with COVID-19. 

They're the only team in the league to have to deal with such a circumstance twice, the first coming earlier in the year with the Titans, but former Ravens and Jets linebacker Bart Scott isn't a fan of the players' reaction. 

"They come off sounding like children," Scott said on Get Up Thursday. "They have to understand and read the temperature of the room. This virus is spreading all over the country and they should feel blessed that they haven't been exposed to it."

The game hasn't been canceled yet, so at the very least the Steelers get an extra two days to prepare while their rival has a chance to get their outbreak uder control. 

Scott certainly didn't hold anything back on the NFL's only remaining undefeated team. He went as far as to suggest that the Steelers may not want the Ravens to get it under control and potentially get back a few players on the COVID list that were classified as high-risk contacts. 

"Is this is the fair and competitive advantage you want when you talk about playing this great rivalry?" he said. "This is one of the best rivalries in all of football and this game has implications as far as the Ravens being able to have the opportunity to go the playoffs. So you want them to play without about seven of their players, is that what you want?"


The Steelers came out on top in a hard-fought game earlier this month. Baltimore was in a great position to win thanks to their running game, but Lamar Jackson's struggles with turnovers kept them from giving the Steelers their first loss of the year. 

If the game goes on as scheduled, they'll have a chance to get revenge. 

"Maybe what they did is they looked at that film and saw the fact that they got beat up last game and it was Lamar Jackson turning the ball over in the red area, and not that they dominated the Ravens the first time around," he said.