What are Ravens fans most thankful for in 2019? Lamar Jackson. Duh. Next question.

So besides their superstar MVP quarterback, what are Ravens fans most grateful for? A less obvious question, but still one with a consensus answer.

“Defense,” longtime fan James Dickey answered right away. “I think that was the surprising part. After they lost so many players in the offseason, that was the biggest question. Everyone had a little confidence about the offense. Still some things about how [Jackson] could throw the ball, but the defense I think surprised everybody.”

Surprise was a key element. It’s easier to take for granted developments we expected to happen. With Jackson leading the offense, fans at the very least expected a more interesting product on the field this season. 

But the defense? That was a question mark, and it didn’t look like one with a positive answer through a 2-2 September.

More specifically, fans are especially excited about the back end of the defense.

Another fan, Keyon Asgari immediately responded, “Secondary.”

“I just remember growing up I watched the Ravens play a lot, our issue was always the DB’s,” Asgari continued. “Always had a lot of injuries. This year they’ve all been playing well, they’re playing together. A couple of new guys, got Marcus Peters. Everyone’s playing well.”

Fans who are willing to brave the elements seen in Baltimore during Sunday’s matchup with the 49ers are clearly dedicated, and the Ravens have given them plenty of things to appreciate. All-world kicker Justin Tucker, the impressive rookie class, and a general lack of injuries were all mentioned. 


But it’s the defense that stands out most of all, taking the Ravens from an exciting team to watch to perhaps the most complete team in football.

At the end of the day, fans are always going to be thankful to cheer for a contender.

“Just the fact that overall the team’s performing well, you saw the defense get healthy and really seem to come around,” Eric Nagy said. “So the fact that you’re still playing meaningful games this far into the season is big.”

So there are lots of reasons for Ravens fans to be thankful. Even still, at least one unnamed fan couldn’t help himself.

“So, besides Lamar, what are you most thankful for as a Ravens fan this year?” he was asked.

Without hesitation, he answered in a single word: “Lamar.”