Bills Mafia gifts Marlon Humphrey some Buffalo wings


When star Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey questioned the origin of Buffalo wings, the Bills took offense. Now, it appears Humphrey's confusion worked in his favor. 

Humphrey was sent some "Duff's Famous Wings" after posing the question, "Does Buffalo wings have anything to do with Buffalo, NY?" a day before the Ravens lost 17-3 in the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs to the Bills. It's quite a creative gesture from a classy set of fans. 

Humphrey's hunch was spot-on, in fact, as Buffalo wings originated not from the animal itself but instead from a small family-owned restaurant called Anchor Bar, located in (you guessed it) Buffalo. It's there the concept of cooking chicken wings in peppery hot sauce originated back in 1964. 

In a display of some good sportsmanship after Baltimore was eliminated, Humphrey tweeted his support for the Bills the rest of the way. 

From there, a small movement among Bills fans started growing to send the Pro Bowler some of Buffalo's finest wings. Remember, after Baltimore quarterback Lamar Jackson left the game due to a concussion, Bills fans started donating to Jackson's favorite charity

Known for their rambunctious tailgating and stomaching heartbreaking Super Bowl losses, Bills fans have shown their true colors to the sports world.


Well done, Bills Mafia.