Could Deshaun Watson's reported contract hold up impact Lamar Jackson's future?


Lamar Jackson, Patrick Mahomes, Deshaun Watson. These three quarterbacks have exemplified an electricity on the field that makes football fans smile from ear to ear when thinking about the future of quarterback play in the NFL.

All, however, are in different contractual situations which makes things extremely interesting to watch with the 2020 season on the horizon. 

Mahomes recently signed an earth-shattering 12-year, $500 million deal with the Kansas City Chiefs that put the entire league on high-alert. and with two seasons left on his contract, the Houston Texans' Watson is next in line for a big payday. 

However, according to ESPN's Jeremy Fowler, Watson and the Texans are "not particularly close right now," with the number of years being the main issue. Watson appears to want a shorter deal, around four to five years, allowing him to possibly hit free agency at 30-years-old while still presumably in his prime years. 

What does that mean for Lamar Jackson in Baltimore?

Firstly, Jackson was the 2019 NFL MVP — an achievement that Watson hasn't reached yet in his career. Since entering the league in 2017, Watson has thrown for 9,716 yards, 71 touchdowns and a 66.8 completion percentage in 38 games. In Jackson's first two seasons he's thrown for 4,328 yards and 42 touchdowns with a 63.7 completion percentage. 

If Jackson remains healthy and as productive as he's been, his contract should exceed Watson's. 

Reports suggest that Watson is seeking $42-44 million annually and both parties are motivated to get a deal done before the season begins. "Expect some pressure to apply around Week 1," Fowler said. "This should get done, but there's not been a lot of momentum just yet."


The Texans are scheduled to play their first game of the season against the Chiefs on September 10. If both parties are as motivated to get a deal done as reports indicate, Jackson and the Ravens could have a baseline pretty soon.