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Could Robert Griffin III have been an XFL QB?

Could Robert Griffin III have been an XFL QB?

The story of Robert Griffin III is an intricate and emotional one, especially for Washington Redskins fans, that's landed him as a backup to the reigning NFL MVP, Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens. 

Griffin handled his situation as graciously as expected and has functioned as an excellent role model and locker room veteran in Baltimore. However, a backup quarterback isn't how he wants his career to be defined. Recently, RGIII joined the Matt Mosley Show and stated that he "still hopes to be a starting quarterback again."

Could that opportunity have happened in the XFL?

The XFL suspended their season and laid-off employees back on April 10th because of financial hardships spurred from the coronavirus pandemic. The league claims to have been on pace to generate $46 million in revenue during its inaugural season. They also had an average game attendance of 20,000 and 1.9 million average broadcast viewers for the nationally distributed games.

If they would've have made it through the season, without unforeseen circumstances derailing things, their plans for 2021 were very interesting. 


"We wanted to go to a Josh Rosen, for example,"Eric Galko the XFL's former director of player personnel told ESPN, "and say, 'Hey, we know you have talent. You got screwed by circumstances in two different spots." 

"Don't go be a backup for the Seattle Seahawks. Come show teams how many players you are better than."

This situation would've boded well for probably the most high-profile 30-year-old backup NFL quarterback -- especially one who's seeking to still prove himself but is stuck behind the leagues reigning MVP, 'Action Jackson.'

"I'm 30 years old. Quarterbacks are playing into their 40s now," Griffin III said on the Matt Mosley Show. "There's a lot of time left to still go achieve all the dreams and goals I set for myself."

During his seven seasons in the NFL, the former No. 2 overall pick has never started a full 16-game season. Griffin dazzled as a rookie in 2012, leading the Washington Redskins to a NFC East title while earning Rookie of the Year honors. But between injuries and disagreements with the Redskins coaching staff, Griffin was never able to return to his rookie form before becoming a free agent in 2016.

"Who knows? Maybe I'll be in Baltimore for the foreseeable future playing the role I am now but getting compensated more for it, or I'll be able to go out and compete to be a starter again somewhere in the league."

Yes, the XFL probably wasn't the league he was referring to. No, the XFL isn't currently a league in commission. But there's always one phrase that sports fans around the globe say at least once in their lives:

"What if?" 

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Ravens coronavirus protocols made opt-outs an afterthought for Greg Roman and Don Martindale

Ravens coronavirus protocols made opt-outs an afterthought for Greg Roman and Don Martindale

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, NFL players and staff were tasked with a tough decision as training camp begun. They could either participate in the season and face the risks that come with it, or opt out if they felt unsafe.

For Ravens offensive coordinator Greg Roman and defensive coordinator Don 'Wink" Martindale, the choice was easy. Based on what they've seen from the team and league in terms of safety, they never considered not coaching in 2020.

"It never really entered my mind," Roman said during a Zoom call with media on Wednesday.

"Well, I think with the protocol that’s been established by the league it's obviously a safe environment its football and I never thought about opting out," Martindale said. "I don’t think they would have ever brought us back if they thought it was a high rate of danger with the pandemic. I felt safe coming back and taking all precautions and protocol, wear our masks and do all of the six feet apart and social distancing."


While Martindale applauds the league's efforts to control the virus, which now includes daily testing through September 5, the Ravens have specifically made an effort to prioritize the health and safety of everyone involved.

From Lamar Jackson opting to become a "Bubble Boy" to Mark Ingram stating that a positive mindset and cautious behavior will benefit the league, it's clear the team has bought into the idea that a season will only happen if everyone is committed to following the protocols to a tee.

Additionally, Roman says he's been blown away with the technology brought in and the extra precautions Baltimore has taken in order to lessen the risk of infection. That includes a device that alerts someone when they are within six feet of another individual.

The pre-planning prior to arrivals and constant improvements were the reasons the offensive coordinator never had doubts about the campaign.

"Resources and planning that this organization put into the facility procedures, it’s a thought that never crossed my mind," Roman said. "Frankly the unbelievable prep forethought, resources, space, that everybody was able to come up with some great solutions, it never entered my mind. If I came and saw something different you never know but impressive what our organization has done in this unique situation for all of us."

With training camp just beginning and contact practices set to get underway soon, there are still numerous obstacles the league will have to face. But through the initial phase, the Ravens have shown that health and safety are their biggest concerns, and that approach won't change. That mentality made opting in the only reasonable choice for Martindale, Roman and others.

"We’re all in this together. Taking care of each other and each other’s families. Show your discipline and mental toughness, wear your masks in meetings," Martindale said. "I've never thought about opting out."

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Ravens team doctor won't rule out quarantining Lamar Jackson

Ravens team doctor won't rule out quarantining Lamar Jackson

The Ravens don't have any plans to quarantine the unanimous NFL MVP -- yet.

Head team physician Dr. Andrew Tucker spoke with local reporters on a Zoom call Wednesday afternoon on a variety of topics, including NFL safety protocols, mitigating COVID-19 concerns, and more. He also addressed a popular suggestion among fans online: quarantining quarterbacks.

No team wants to lose any of their depth, but some players and positions are clearly more critical than others. At the top of the list is obviously the team's quarterbacks, and few signal-callers are more essential to their team's success than Lamar Jackson is to the Ravens.

With that in mind, Dr. Tucker was asked if Baltimore is considering any plans to isolate Jackson and the other quarterbacks from the rest of the team, to take extra precautions that the position group doesn't see a coronavirus outbreak during the season.

"Not that I know of. I can't speculate on if things change in the community or change in the team, there might be a different approach. I wouldn't rule it out," Tucker said.

It appears that, for now, the Ravens aren't planning to turn Jackson into a true Bubble Boy. As an organization, they have taken countless steps to keep every player as safe and healthy as possible amidst a global pandemic, and they are trusting their protocols to keep Jackson on the field. But it's notable that Dr. Tucker declined to rule out the possibility of things changing down the line.

Obviously, most teams are in a state of flux in regards to COVID-19, and they all have more information everyday. The impact of the virus spreading both within the organization and the greater Baltimore community could lead the Ravens to reverse course in order to protect their most valuable asset.

Jackson, in his own words, hasn't had "one tick" of coronavirus in him yet. The Ravens are going to do everything they possibly can to keep it that way.

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