Derek Carr uses Jon Gruden's wife's name as audible at line of scrimmage


Over the years, NFL quarterbacks have gotten creative when it comes to their cadences and audible at the line of scrimmage. From celebrities to pop culture references to "Omaha,", they've yelled them all. 

However, during Week 1 of the 2020 season, Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr yelled out a rather interesting name as he approached the line of scrimmage: Cindy Gruden.

That is the name of his head coach Jon Gruden's wife. It appears the passer was having a little fun with his coach as the offense was rolling on Sunday.

As the tweets above state, Gruden is unsure of how the idea came about, and while he joked that he doesn't want to hear it again, there are no hard feelings. Rumors constantly swirled that Carr and the head coach clashed when Gruden arrived in 2018, but they appear to be on good terms now.

Winning will do that, as the Raiders opened up the campaign with a 34-30 win over the Panthers. Carr threw for 239 yards and one touchdown.