James Jones believes the Browns will have their way with Ravens defense


The Baltimore Ravens (7-5) defeated the Dallas Cowboys (3-9) convincingly Tuesday night, 34-17. However, the defensive performance wasn't good enough for former Green Bay Packers wide receiver, now NFL Network analyst, James Jones as he ripped the team's performance while previewing their upcoming game with the 'little brother' Cleveland Browns (9-3).

"The little brothers, the [Cleveland] Browns were watching film of the [Dallas] Cowboys go out here and really manhandle this Ravens defense. This Ravens defense did not slow the Cowboys down at all – not in the run game or the pass game," Jones said. "You see the holes that Zeke was running through, you see the receivers wide open on the football team. The Ravens defense looked bad yesterday. If they don't get it fixed, with the little brothers coming in there, after the first quarter little brother going to be looking on the sideline like 'we the big dogs now.'"

The Ravens defense allowed 388 total yards in their win against the Cowboys on Tuesday night, which was the third most this season as NFL Network pointed out. It's no secret that the red-hot Browns are one of the best running teams in the league this year, producing 157.8 rushing yards per game – enough for second in the NFL behind, you guessed it, the Ravens (169.0).

Baltimore's defense has been rather shaky this season, ranking 20th in rushing yards allowed per game (111.6), 19th in passing yards allowed per game (226.1), and 25th total yards allowed per game (337.7). However, contrary to Jones' belief, this Ravens defense has operated as the epitome of a bend-but-don't-break unit – they're the league's best defense in points allowed (207).


So yes, Baltimore does give up a lot of yardage from goal line to goal line, however when it's time to protect the endzone they show up and show out.