Federal judge rules Robert Griffin III doesn’t owe ex-agent money


Baltimore Ravens quarterback Robert Griffin III came out on the winning side before the 2020 NFL season even kicked off. But instead of on the football field, Griffin's victory came in the courtroom. 

A federal judge ruled on Thursday that RG3 does not owe his ex-agent $650,000 in marketing commissions because the statute of limitations has expired. The agent, Ben Dogra, claimed that from 2014 to 2016 Griffin owed him 15% of his endorsement deals. According to the lawsuit, Griffin fired Dogra in 2018 without paying him any of those commissions and Dogra sought repayment plus interest and damages. 

The court ruled that the two-year statute of limitations expired under California's letter of the law, as opposed to the five-year statute agreement that exists in Missouri. 

Griffin's marketability skyrocketed during his stellar 2012 rookie season in Washington, as he garnered a 9-6 record as a starter while throwing for 3,200 yards and 20 touchdowns. He failed to replicate that success the following years, eventually getting released and picked up by the Cleveland Browns in 2016. Injuries and a year out of the league in 2017 also took a hit to the former Baylor Heisman winner's stock -- leading Griffin to sever ties with his former agent.

Now, Griffin serves as a valuable third-year back-up option to 2019 MVP Lamar Jackson.