Gardner Minshew expects Yannick Ngakoue to be 'out for blood' Sunday


The Ravens were thrilled to come away from Monday Night Football with a crucial victory over a division opponent, but they didn't have much time to celebrate. For the third consecutive game - thanks to their constantly changing schedule as a result of a coronavirus outbreak - the Ravens will have to play on a short week against an opponent who has had extra rest.

They won't be making any excuses, quickly turning their attention to their Week 15 matchup against the Jaguars. Jacksonville isn't nearly as difficult a matchup as Cleveland was, though the Ravens can't take them lightly, either - they still likely need to win out in order to make the postseason.

That makes every week critical and the 1-12 Jaguars know they're going to get the Ravens' best. That goes doubly for Yannick Ngakoue, the Ravens' edge rusher who demanded a trade away from Jacksonville over the offseason.

The Ravens also have Calais Campbell on their defensive line, another former Jaguar, but Jacksonville's quarterback, Gardner Minshew, expects his two former teammates to treat Sunday's matchup a little differently.

“I’m not going to talk trash to Calais, man. I know Calais. Calais is too nice of a guy. I know it’s not real coming from Calais — we’re too cool,” Minshew said to reporters on Wednesday. “Now Yannick, Yannick’s going to be out for blood. But Calais, I think he’s going to take care of me. I hope.”


Campbell has already gone on the record as saying this week's game is more about the Ravens needing a win than it is any sort of revenge scenario against his former team, as expected.

Whatever trash talk is exchanged between the former teammates on Sunday will pale in comparison to the impact a Ravens win will have on their playoff chances. But it's still a little added fun for what otherwise looks like a lopsided late-season matchup.