Jarvis Landry calls Marcus Peters 'coward' for spitting


Ravens cornerback Marcus Peters has a reputation for trying to get into the heads of his opponents during games, and he's never been shy about expressing himself. He may have taken it a step too far on Monday night though, after a Cleveland Browns wide receiver accused Peters of spitting at him.

Peters hasn't responded to Jarvis Landry yet, and it's possible that Peters simply had to spit during the game and didn't realize that Landry was there. But the video doesn't look good for the Ravens' trash-talking cornerback.

Landry didn't even notice during the game, but he was understandably upset after he saw the video.

“He’s a coward," Landry said during his press conference on Thursday. "Behind my back he may do that but to my face he wouldn’t. I saw the video after the game.”

Landry was also confused as to what started Peters' attitude toward him.

"We don’t have a history, but for some reason he seemed to have it out for myself,” Landry said. “If a beef is what he wants, he’s got it.”

This isn't entirely true from Landry. When the Ravens announced Peters' contract extension last year, he was the first to comment on the tweet, saying "Perfect!!!!"

That sure seemed like Landry calling out Peters, which qualifies as beef. Of course, spitting is never an acceptable retaliation, and it takes on an added air of significance considering the coronavirus pandemic. Spitting at opposing players may not specifically be a COVID-19 specific restriction, but it sure seems like a good way to spread an airborne virus. The NFL might choose to weigh in here. 


Pandemic or not, this is definitely not okay. The Ravens were not happy after their postseason loss to the Titans last January when Marshal Yanda claimed a Titans rookie spit in his face during the game, so they should understand exactly why the Browns would be unhappy with Peters now.