John Harbaugh excited for Big Ten ‘setting their football programs free’


Ravens head coach John Harbaugh told reporters Wednesday that he was excited for the Big Ten’s return after the conference announced it would begin its football season the weekend of Oct. 24.

“I want to express congratulations to the Big Ten for setting their football programs free, allowing them to play football finally,” Harbaugh said. “Great decision and it’s going to be fun to watch Big Ten football very shortly.”

Harbaugh’s older brother, Jim, is the head coach at Michigan. Both brothers have publicly said to “free the Big Ten” since the conference’s initial decision to cancel the 2020 fall season.

After the Big Ten voted to play, the younger Harbaugh couldn’t help but notice Jim borrowed the Ravens’ catchphrase for his official statement about the conference’s return.

“Appreciated my brother’s statement,” John said. “He said, ‘Stay positive. Test negative. Play football’ Now I will point out that we’ve had those T-shirts from day one. You guys have seen our T-shirt, right? ‘Stay positive. Test negative. Play like a Raven.’ So we’re hand in hand on that one.”