Harbaugh, Jackson say Chiefs’ gameplan wasn’t similar to Titans’


After the Ravens lost to the Chiefs on Monday Night Football in rather dominating fashion, quarterback Lamar Jackson took to the podium and said the Chiefs game reminded him of the Titans playoff game in January.

The Ravens lost 28-12 to the Titans after a 14-2 regular season.

“It looked like the same thing from the Tennessee game to be honest — that’s all,” Jackson said Monday.

But on Wednesday during his scheduled session to speak with the media, Jackson clarified and said he meant the result of the game, rather than the actual gameplan. 

“Nah, just the outcome,” Jackson said. “You hate losing. I was just basically saying the outcome of the game, not really as much as the scheme.

After the loss to the Chargers in Jackson’s rookie season, the public gameplan to beat the Ravens was to put a plethora of defensive backs on the field to mitigate the Ravens’ speed. After the Titans loss, and now the Chiefs, public opinion has swayed to instead knock the Ravens off their running attack and force the passing game to beat you.

“Well I think the result was similar, the scheme was not the same,” Harbaugh said. “It wasn’t the same defense that they lined up. I thought they played very well, they had a good understanding and they were well coached by Steve Spagnuolo, they were very disciplined in their assignments. They knew what they wanted to give up and what they didn’t want to give up. We weren’t able to hurt them, we weren't able to get them on their heels and get them chasing us.”


The Ravens opened Monday’s game with six run plays on the first seven snaps, but were forced to kick a field goal on the game’s opening drive. They ended with 28 pass plays compared to 21 run plays.

Harbaugh defended the offensive playcalling from the game, complimenting his offensive coordinator.

“I don’t think we got away from the run after the first series,” Harbaugh said. "But we need to score a touchdown there. I think once we got in the red zone, we’ve looked at those plays really hard, Greg (Roman) has especially hard. Nobody looks at the play-calling more than Greg Roman, who in my opinion is one of the best play-callers in the National Football League and has proven that.”