John Harbaugh: ‘Ravens players deserve to be protected like every other player'


Ravens coach John Harbaugh repeated his claim Monday about two late calls in Sunday’s loss to the Steelers. 

The most notable example was the final play of the game, a late game throw to the end zone by Lamar Jackson to wide receiver Willie Snead. The throw nearly split two defenders, but Snead met Steelers’ defensive back Minkah Fitzpatrick in the air and was leveled to the ground. No penalty was thrown on the play. 

The Ravens and Harbaugh wanted a flag thrown for a hit to the head on a defenseless receiver and said that Snead was hit in the helmet by a shoulder. Snead confirmed he was hit in the head postgame but said he’d leave it at that.

“As I said last night — I’ll stand on this — Ravens players deserve to be protected just like every other player in this league deserves to be protected by the player’s safety rules and by every other rule,” Harbaugh said. “So, that’s all we expect. We just expect it to be fair — that’s all we’ll ever ask for.”

Harbaugh and the Ravens also wanted more time added to the game after Snead made a catch deep in Steelers territory. The ball was at the Steelers’ 23-yard line but defensive lineman Casey Heyward was injured about 35 yards behind the play. The game was stopped as trainers tended to him on the field. 

The clock was not reset and the Ravens were left with eight seconds instead of upwards of 18 seconds to play. They didn’t have any timeouts left, but with nearly 20 seconds left, they would’ve been able to use the entire field if they wanted to.


Harbaugh said he had a conversation with the league but preferred to keep the contents of that call to himself.

“It’s there for everybody to see,” Harbaugh said. “So, what can I add to it? I do take to heart some of the things that were said by the guys that have done it before, the Gene Steratore’s and the Terry McAulay’s, who talk about those things. I prospect those guys, and listen to what they say, and try to learn from what they say out there.”