Ravens coach John Harbaugh reflected on Mo Gaba’s life and a big lesson that Gaba taught him just days after Gaba’s passing on Tuesday night. 

Gaba was a local boy who reached legend status during his battles with cancer. He spent the majority of his life in hospitals. But he never failed to look at the positives in life and was a constant inspiration for Baltimoreans throughout his battle in the public eye from 2015-2020. 

He became public after calling into 105.7 The Fan to talk about the Ravens and Orioles — unbeknownst to his mother — and quickly became a favorite of the radio hosts and listeners all across Maryland. 

Soon after, he was making appearances at Ravens and Orioles games and soon became a favorite there, too.


“Man, I was on cloud nine just soaring in a conversation with this 14-year-old, young guy,” Harbaugh recalled on a conference call with reporters Thursday. “To recognize what he dealt with every day, with the challenges that he had with his health, and to see that his spirit soared while his health failed him — that was a lesson for me. To me, it was a gift. “

Gaba passed away late Tuesday night. He was 14 years old.

He previously made the Ravens’ fourth-round selection, Ben Powers, in the 2019 NFL Draft. He announced the pick by reading the draft card, written in braille. He did it all with a smile on his face.


“I mean, that voice, that giggle, that zest for just a moment,” Harbaugh said. “Being able to enjoy a moment, to make the most of it, it made you feel great to be in that moment with him (and) to share that moment with him when you were around him.”

Later in the summer, Gaba showed up to camp and called a play in the offensive huddle. That play went for a touchdown.

“I feel sorry for myself when we lose a game, and here this kid is making everybody around him feel great while he’s battling for his life,” Harbaugh said. “That, to me, is remarkable.”

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