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John Harbaugh wants to get Lamar Jackson on the field more for Ravens

John Harbaugh wants to get Lamar Jackson on the field more for Ravens

When the Baltimore Ravens drafted Lamar Jackson with the 32nd-overall pick of the 2018 NFL Draft, questions engulfed the minds of fans. 

Was it the end of the Flacco era?

Was he worthy of a first-round pick?

How will the Ravens utilize him throughout the season?

Nine games into the 2018 season and the last question presented is still just that.

Jackson has shown glimpses of speed and is proving to be a good distraction for opposing defenses, but how and when they use him has lacked consistency. And with the team heading into their bye week 4-5 and third in the AFC North, John Harbaugh would like to find ways to get Jackson on the field even more.

"I don't think counterproductive because we're gaining yards and making plays," Harbaugh said when asked if having Jackson on the field has been hurting his team more than helping them.

"I would like to find more of it, to be honest with you. I would like to see him out there more and find ways to get him on the field more, if we can. He's a good player." 

During Sunday's 23-16 loss to the Steelers, Jackson had five rushing attempts for 10 yards averaging 2-yards-per-carry and was 1-for-1 through the air for 12 yards. Over nine games, the QB is 7-for-12 for 87 yards and one touchdown in addition to 28 rushing attempts for 138 yards and one rushing touchdown. 

When asked how much he's enjoyed having a more prominent role on offense, Jackson said he felt like he needed to do more.

"We need to score more points," he said. "That's all; I've got to help my team move the ball."

Jackson had a huge opportunity to help his team Sunday while lined up at receiver with the Ravens threatening in the red zone. However, Joe Flacco completely overlooked him and threw the ball to John Brown in double coverage.

At the end of 60 minutes, Jackson was on the field for 13 snaps, 21 percent of the game, but looking around at other multi-quarterback teams in the league Harbaugh knows the Ravens could do better.

"That's not easy to do," he said. "The Saints came in here a couple weeks ago and put their two quarterbacks out there 24 times, I think. Whether that's something we do in the future, we'll have to decide. Our offensive coaches do a good job of working through that stuff." 


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Another week, another question mark at quarterback for the Ravens

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Another week, another question mark at quarterback for the Ravens

Lamar Jackson has gone 3-1 since taking over for an injured Joe Flacco as the Ravens starting quarterback, with the lone loss coming in overtime against Super Bowl favorite Kansas City Chiefs.

The offense has been unstoppable on the ground and very hit-or-miss through the air (with more misses than hits). The defense has looked revitalized. The Ravens have dominated time of possession stats, even with Jackson’s fumbling issues.

On the surface it would seem like the Joe Flacco Era is over in Baltimore, as his month-long injury has given way to a new style of football in Baltimore.

That may not be the case, however.

CBS mentioned early in the broadcast Sunday that Flacco had been cleared this past week, and John Harbaugh confirmed it postgame. The only reason Flacco wasn’t active this week was a lack of preparation time; medically, he’s ready to return.

But are the Ravens ready to return to him?

Most fans are probably fully on board with Jackson moving forward. Winning three games and taking an elite team to overtime on the road in the fourth game have a tendency to win over observers. Harbaugh isn’t just a casual observer, however. He has to make the ultimate decision of what will give his team the best chance to keep winning in the next three weeks and make the postseason.

We expect much clarity early in the week. Harbaugh has played it close to the vest throughout the last four weeks. In the days leading up to each matchup, fans have speculated that Jackson will remain the starter, and in each scenario, the Ravens head coach has gone out of his way to avoid naming a starter until as late as possible.

It’s a smart ploy from Harbaugh, as Flacco and Jackson play such contrasting styles that keeping it a surprise is detrimental to the opposing defense.

Anecdotally, it seems like the Ravens employing a rush-heavy attack (they finished two yards shy of a fourth-straight 200-yard game on Sunday) has kept the defense rested into the 4th quarter of each game, which has helped them finish strong prior to the Chiefs game. And the offense, while not scoring as many points as it did under Flacco, isn’t too far behind and has managed to at least sustain drives at a much better rate.

Jackson has played well for an unproven rookie who was assumed to need plenty of development to be an impact quarterback, but that’s still a lot of qualifiers. Even against poor defenses, Jackson hasn’t exactly exploded. The Chiefs game was clearly his best passing performance, and still he was under 150 passing yards, though he did finally have a multi-TD outing.

It’s a unique scenario in which the option that gives the team a better chance to score (possibly Flacco) may not be the option that gives them a better chance to win. Not to mention the fact that Jackson is clearly the future of the Ravens, and playing against quality teams in the midst of a postseason stretch run can only aid his long-term development.

It’s a question without an answer, at least for the next week. But it’s definitely one on the minds of Ravens fans, players, and coaches alike as the franchise enters one of the most significant three-game stretches under John Harbaugh. If he comes up with the right answer, it will mean celebrating in Charm City and Harbaugh solidifying his future with the team. If not, then the Ravens may just barely miss out on yet another postseason, and every option will be on the table for owner Steve Bisciotti.


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Robert Griffin III plays the final minutes of Ravens' OT loss to Chiefs

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Robert Griffin III plays the final minutes of Ravens' OT loss to Chiefs

With the Baltimore Ravens needing to get in field goal position to stay alive in overtime against the Kansas City Chiefs, it wasn’t Joe Flacco or Lamar Jackson under center with the game on the line on third and 22. 

It was Robert Griffin, III. 

It was the second straight week Griffin has had to step in for relief for Jackson following an injury. A hit on Jackson by Chiefs linebacker Justin Houston sidelined the Ravens’ rookie, forcing Griffin to come in at a less-than-ideal time. 

Griffin had no time to work his way into a rhythm or pass time until Jackson potentially returned. His first pass attempt to John  Brown was nearly picked off and his second pass to Willie Snead was incomplete. Following the game, several Ravens players -- including Griffin -- felt Chiefs defensive back Kendall Fuller interfered with the play. 

Moving forward, the Ravens find themselves in a dilemma. If healthy, stick with the young Jackson who won three games in a row and was in the game against the class of the AFC, albeit limited in the passing game, give Griffin a shot who gives the team more options in the passing game or go back to the veteran Flacco for the stretch run of the playoffs. 

At 7-6, the Ravens are holding on to the final playoff spot by the slimmest of margins. Head coach John Harbaugh has an important decision to make before the Tampa Bay Buccaneers come to town next week.