Harbaugh won't wear face shield after seeing Reid's struggles


 During the Kansas City Chiefs' opening night win over the Houston Texans on Thursday, Patrick Mahomes, Tyreek Hill, Clyde Edwards-Helaire and company all put out phenomenal performances.

But, it was head coach Andy Reid who stole the spotlight, and it had nothing to do with his playcalling.

Reid became a hot topic on social media due to the face shield he was wearing on the sidelines, as all coaches must wear a covering as part of the coronavirus protocols. Reid's plastic device looked innovative, but every time the camera panned to him, the shield became even more fogged up than before.

"That was brutal," Reid said after the game. "I didn't do very good with that thing. It will be better the next time. I appreciate you asking that, though. It was a bit of a mess, but we'll get it fixed."

The face shield was something Ravens head coach John Harbaugh was considering as he prepares for Week 1 on Sunday, but after seeing what transpired for Reid, he is looking to other options.

“I had a thought about it, and then I saw it," Harbaugh said on Friday.

"Wow. That was tough," Harbaugh said. 

The coach explained that he was having his own problems of fog when he wore his glasses to read plays, and he thought the face shield would make things clearer and easier. Reid's experience quickly dispelled that notion for him.

"Actually, it got put in my office and I thought it might be good, because what happens is with this … I wear glasses to read the play cards and the glasses fog up, especially when it’s humid. It’s been really humid here, right? It’s been humid [with] all the rain and everything," Harbaugh said. "My glasses were fogging up today at practice, so I thought maybe the face shield would help. But I dismiss that after last night. 


"The face shield [has] a fogging problem, but I looked in the mirror and I was like, ‘Eh. I don’t think so,'" Harbaugh said.

While Harbaugh and Reid will both need to consider new alternatives for the 2020 season, the moment was just the first peculiar sight of what promises to be a weird season of football. And though the Kansas City Chiefs head coach started the campaign by becoming a meme, he also got the win, which is all that really matters.

As Harbaugh and his wife explained, the face shield situation will only make the love for Reid in the midwest grow, and they expect to see some similar costumes come the end of October. 

"My wife mentioned to me last night … Andy [Reid] is one of my best friends, but she did mention to me last night that in the Kansas City area, there are going to be a lot of Halloween outfits with face shields and mustaches and foggy face shields," Harbaugh said.