Justin Tucker eyes possibility of 70-yard FG in Denver


Ravens kicker Justin Tucker broke an NFL record by kicking a 66-yard field goal this weekend. His ‘doink,’ as it’s called when a field goal attempt hits the uprights, won the game for Baltimore in the dying seconds of their away clash in Detroit.

Baltimore’s next game is this Sunday in Denver, where footballs are notorious for carrying a bit farther in the thin mountain air. Ravens' long snapper Nick Moore knows that Tucker has his eyes set on his second record-breaking FG in as many weeks.

“I know Justin. He’s been looking forward to this game since they put it on the calendar,” Moore said on an episode of The Lounge podcast this week. “Everybody knows the ball goes farther in Colorado…As a player, especially as a kicker, you think, ‘How is it possible to break a 64-yard record?’ Mile High Stadium is the place to break it. That’s the ideal spot.”

The previous record for the longest field goal in NFL history was done in Denver eight years ago. Matt Prater boomed a 63-yarder for the Broncos on a brisk December afternoon. If anyone can break the 70-yard barrier, it’s Tucker, who many consider the best kicker in league history.


“Our guy has the leg to do it, so that’s definitely something on the radar,” Moore said. “We always talk about the range we need for a field goal for situations like that. Anything on the plus side of the field is what Justin says.”

Need more proof that Tucker has the oomph to knock one in from that far? Ravens staff writer Ryan Mink writes that Moore sees Tucker drill 68- and sometimes 70-yard field goals in practice routinely.

While he doesn’t hit all of his attempts, he makes them with such frequency that confidence is high he could potentially do it in a game. And if he does, Moore said, the record may never be broken again.

“Seventy is the pinnacle. I think if you hit a 70-yard field goal, that’s the end of it.”