Lamar Jackson: ‘It looked like that team wanted it more than us’


Ahead of the Ravens’ rematch with the Titans, they all downplayed the element of revenge as a motivating factor. But whatever the factors were, the Titans edged the Ravens in the energy category. 

After the 30-24 overtime loss, quarterback Lamar Jackson expressed his frustration with how the last two games for the Ravens have gone. A week ago, they lost in the driving rain to a struggling Patriots team. Now, they have a short week upcoming against the Steelers.

"We just had two losses in a row, games we should've won,” Jackson said. “We had little hiccups in the game. But we've still got to keep fighting through it. It looked like that team wanted it more than us. They (were) playing physical. When we went up, I just feel like we took our foot off the gas. We've just got to keep it going, finish teams."

The Ravens opened the game a tad shaky and allowed an immediate Titans score, but rebounded and took a 21-10 lead midway through the third quarter. But the offense stalled in the red zone throughout the afternoon as the Titans rallied to take the lead with just over two minutes left. 

In overtime, the Ravens went three-and-out quickly before Titans running back Derrick Henry took over and capped the game with a 29-yard touchdown scamper.

It was a game of energy and tenacity, and according to Jackson, the Titans just brought more of it.

“We always give good effort, the whole team does,” running back J.K. Dobbins said. “Defense, offense, special teams, we always give good effort. But today, they just gave more effort than us. We’ve just got to fix that.”