Lamar became a Ravens fan when the lights went out


For anyone who was undecided on who to root for during Super Bowl 47 between the Ravens and 49ers, the moment the lights went out in the Superdome with Baltimore up 28-6 in the second half just about pushed most of those people on the Ravens' side. 

Among them was current Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson, who wanted the Ravens to win that Super Bowl anyway, but the "lights out" conspiracy pushed him over the edge into true fandom. 

"I watched that game – when the lights went out," Jackson said Thursday. "I wanted the Ravens to win before I was a Raven. And then to actually be here now is great. But I’ll say, that was my [most fun] Super Bowl [I’ve watched], because the lights went out, then the 49ers made a comeback, and the Ravens pulled out the victory. It was a great game to watch. I was mad. I was mad how the game was going because it was looking like they were cheating.”

After a half-hour delay in the middle of the game, the 49ers mounted a comeback, rejuvenated after the Ravens' momentum was completely disrupted. 

Fortunately for Baltimore fans and probably the league office in some capacity, San Francisco's comeback fell short and the Ravens won 34-31, capturing their second Super Bowl championship in franchise history. 

Now, Jackson continues to work toward his own Super Bowl championship with the Ravens. After a 14-2, MVP season ended in disappointment, Baltimore is poised to maintain their position as one of the league's true powerhouses. 


But first, they have to win a playoff game, and Jackson knows of the steps he must take before he can start thinking about a Super Bowl. 

"I need to win a playoff game before anything because I'm tired of that already," Jackson said. "Once I get tired of something, I have to make it happen. So, that's my goal right now; focus on being a better player all around. Not just a [ebbetter] player, but [a] teammate as well."