Lamar Jackson continues to defy physics, dominate the NFL


We’re just sitting here laughing. I mean, how else are you supposed to react to seeing a quarterback do this?

This shouldn't be possible. This is way beyond “video game” levels of fun. Even cheat codes wouldn’t help most Madden players make moves like this.

Is Lamar Jackson the NFL’s Most Valuable Player this season? There are plenty of games left to go, but it’s moments like this that highlight how dynamic the Ravens’ second-year passer can be.

What’s so remarkable is Jackson’s lack of weaknesses. He can provide career-defining highlights like this in the same game where he only has two incompletions — one was a spike to stop the clock at the end of the first half — and is averaging nearly 14 yards per attempt with a perfect passer rating.

The fact that Jackson is capturing the league’s attention so emphatically at just 22 years of age is incredible. Sunday’s tilt with the Bengals is just the 16th career start for Jackson, and it hasn’t even been a full year since he first took over as the Ravens’ starting quarterback.

The Ravens offense has become the most fun, creative, must-watch unit in the NFL. And it’s all thanks to Lamar Jackson.


He may or may not be this year’s MVP, but he’s already the most fun player in the sport.