Lamar Jackson focused on win, not matchup vs. Mahomes on SNF


Two of the NFL’s best young talents at quarterback will duke it out on Sunday Night Football this weekend, with the defending AFC champion Kansas City Chiefs playing the Baltimore Ravens. Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes -- both in search of their second MVP Award in addition to a postseason berth -- go head-to-head under the bright lights.

While most fans will pay special attention to the Jackson-Mahomes matchup, the Ravens’ signal-caller isn’t focusing on anything but the result.

“It’s not about, you know, me and Mahomes. Not to me -- probably to everyone else -- but, you know, it’s the Ravens vs. the Kansas City Chiefs,” Jackson said to the media on Wednesday. “They did beat us three times or whatever, but that’s in the past. We got a better opportunity this time to come around and take advantage and win at our home stadium. But I’m not dwelling on those losses. We’re coming in Sunday night and we’re gonna play.”

It’s true, Jackson has never beaten a Mahomes-led Chiefs team in his career. Per ABC News, Jackson is 0-3 career against Mahomes despite going 30-5 against the rest of the league.

So how can Baltimore overcome the Mahomes nightmare and finally get a win against the highest-paid player in the NFL?


“We gotta finish drives, keep driving the ball down the field, take what the defense gives us,” Jackson said.

Another boost to the Ravens’ hopes on Sunday night will be a fully packed M&T Bank Stadium. Here’s how Jackson and the Ravens feel about Baltimore fans finally being able to cheer on their squad in full force:

“Very excited. I can’t wait to hear ‘em cheering," Jackson said. "Flock nation in the building, finally! After a whole year. They had a whole season off, the fans did, but I’m happy to have ‘em back. I can’t wait. I’m pumped.”

Watch Lamar Jackson and the Ravens attempt to get a crucial Week 2 win over Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs on Sunday Night Football, 8:20 p.m. on NBC.