Lamar Jackson more focused on winning games than a Deshaun Watson-type deal


When Deshaun Watson signed a new four-year, $160 million mega-deal, Ravens fans and media immediately wondered what that meant for the 2019 unanimous MVP once Baltimore quarterback Lamar Jackson becomes eligible to extend his rookie contract following the 2020 season. 

That is, everyone except Jackson himself. 

"Well-deserved. Especially for Deshaun what he did for the Texans organization. Great player, great guy," said Jackson. "But me? I'm focused on winning games. I don’t really care about that right now."

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Watson's extension came a few months after Patrick Mahomes became the first half-billion-dollar player in sports history with his lucrative 10-year deal. Yet, Jackson is more worried about winning games - and a deeper postseason push - than how his next contract will compare with his fellow play-callers around the NFL. 

It's been a common answer from Jackson...like really common. It seems almost as if any sort of question aimed at getting a take out of Jackson about either himself, the team, or opponent, the former Heisman Trophy winner has made a point of concentrating on the only thing that matters: winning. 

It's no longer about proving to critics that a mobile quarterback can go the distance, nor is it about comparing himself to the other elite QBs. No. Now, it's all about the long-term goal of avenging consecutive playoff duds to win a Super Bowl.


It makes sense too. If Jackson leads Baltimore to their third Super Bowl and first since his predecessor Joe Flacco led them to glory in 2013, then he'll be sure to get that expected max deal before he becomes a free agent in the spring of 2022.