Jackson on previous MVPs winning Super Bowls: ‘Hopefully the third one will be me’


Lamar Jackson is on as good of a track as he could be entering his third season in the NFL.

After a stint as the starter in his rookie season, Jackson became one of the most recognizable players in the league during a stellar second season — which was his first as a starter. He broke the single-season rushing record for quarterbacks and led the league in passing touchdowns. But his MVP award was the biggest honor he received. 

The league’s previous two MVP winners, Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes, each won the league’s MVP award and then, a season later, won the Super Bowl.

Now, Jackson is prepared to follow the same path as the previous two quarterbacks did.

“I didn't know the past two, I knew about the last one,” Jackson said when asked about that fact. “Hopefully the third one will be me.”

The Patriots, winners of the Super Bowl in 2019, were led by Brady playing like a younger version of himself. The Chiefs, winners of this year’s Super Bowl, are led by one of the most talented passers the game has ever seen. 

The Ravens, led by Jackson’s legs and still-improving passing ability, are considered one of the top Super Bowl favorites in the league this season.

Jackson has never faced expectations like he’s about to face, with visions of a Super Bowl appearance now realistic. With the hype around the Ravens bubbling over, the entire league’s eyes will be focused on Jackson and the Ravens offense.


“If I did, I don’t really recall,” Jackson said when asked about the expectations. “I go into every season looking to go out there and play football. I really don’t care about the hype, or what people expect. I expect for myself, and my teammates, to go out there and produce and win games.”