Lamar Jackson is really fast and this stat proves it


Lamar Jackson is fast, and that is a universal fact. Just by watching him each Sunday, it becomes clear that the quarterback just has a different level of speed.

But, if you were looking for further proof and stats to back it up, here's your chance.

During Monday night's matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs, Jackson took off for a 30-yard scamper on Baltimore's first drive of the contest. He, of course, looked incredibly fast doing it.

According to NFL's Next Gen Stats, that's exactly what was going on. Jackson topped out at 20.86 miles per hour on the run. The quarterback was essentially nearing the speed one is supposed to observe in a school zone while driving...with his legs.

If that isn't impressive enough, it's the fifth time Jackson has reached at least 20 miles per hour since the 2019 season. How many times have other quarterbacks hit that speed more than just once in that period? Literally, never.

With all Jackson has accomplished this early in his NFL career, it's already become hard to think of new ways he can make audiences -- and defenders -- jaws drop. Yet, the 2019 MVP never fails to come up with something.