Lamar Jackson returns to practice after missing previous two days


Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson returned to the practice field Friday morning after missing practice on both Wednesday and Thursday due to a knee ailment and an illness. 

Jackson didn’t have a knee brace on and appeared to be at full strength — first reported by himself. He declared himself 100 percent to a member of the Ravens’ media team as he joined practice. Jackson moved around without limitation and appeared healthy during the media viewing portion of practice.

Coach John Harbaugh clarified that Jackson’s knee wasn’t hurt, just sore, on Wednesday. He was set to practice on Thursday but was sent home with an illness instead.

“He was 100 percent, he was good,” Harbaugh said. “What happened was, Wednesday, his knee just felt sore. He just felt like he needed to try to rest it a little bit. Between him and coach (Greg) Roman and (quarterbacks coach James) Urban and Ron Medlin our trainer just thought that was the best course. Thursday, he was ready to go but he got sick. His stomach was really bothering so he had to go home. I don’t know if he ate something bad or what it was. Just kind of strange timing on that whole deal. He’s good to go.”

The Ravens can breathe a sigh of relief, as they'll have their MVP quarterback on the field for Sunday’s game. 

But another interesting storyline that emerged from Harbaugh’s press conference was the absence of Derek Wolfe, who didn’t play last Sunday against Washington in what was thought to be an elbow injury. 


“Wolfe got flagged for symptoms,” Harbaugh clarified. “His wife had been traveling and they both got sick. Our docs held him out away from the team there. He didn’t have COVID, they held him out for symptoms. He’s good to go.”

Since Wolfe got flagged on Saturday for symptoms, the Ravens’ hands were tied as they operated with caution.

“Nobody really thought it was COVID-related, it was just an abundance of precaution I would say,” Harbaugh said. “I respect our doctors for doing that. That’s what we need to do. I think there’s going to be times this year when guys are going to have a little sick going, and if it comes up late like that — he continued to pass tests the whole time and still has — sometimes you’re just gonna have to say, ‘Hey, we’re gonna have to play it safe here.’”

The only injury news Harbaugh indicated was that it seems guard Tyre Phillips won’t be able to play on Sunday’s game against the Bengals. He missed practice each day this week with a shoulder injury.