Lamar Jackson says Florida pipeline is the best there is

Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Marquise Brown (left) and Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson (right) celebrate their first quarter touchdown against the Los Angeles Rams at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.
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Baltimore Ravens wideout Marquise "Hollywood" Brown had a stellar rookie season connecting with Baltimore's franchise quarterback, and Lamar Jackson explained why at training camp Tuesday. 

"I mean we used to go to get it out the mud, literally," said Jackson referring to the duo's upbringing from southern Florida.  

Getting it out the mud seems to have certainly helped Brown and Jackson's development, as the two speedsters have helped turn this offense into a juggernaut that led the league in points per game with an average of 33.2. Jackson threw the ball Brown's way often in 2019, as he finished with seven touchdowns, 46 receptions and 584 yards. 

The familiarity between Jackson and Brown didn't start last season, however, as Jackson played his high school football just 40 minutes down Florida's turnpike from Brown. 

Jackson, who spent his last two high school varsity seasons at Boynton Beach High School, has said in the past that once you reach the level of talent that both he and Brown were terrorizing those poor Floridian high schoolers, everyone knows each other. Jackson added that he continued to follow Brown's game when both were standing out at Louisville and Oklahoma, respectively. 

The fact that Jackson and Brown are now starring for one of the NFL's most potent offenses shows just how good the Florida talent pool has become. 



The emergence of Florida's pipeline to the NFL becomes every bit more impressive when you consider the relative disproportionate emphasis on the sport when compared to the million-dollar high school football industry in Texas. 

"A lot of people down there -- nine times out of 10 -- don’t have anyone pushing them to reach their full potential," said Jackson. "It's a lot more talent that people have never seen before. People that are even better than some guys in the league. It's been like that my whole life."

Florida football has produced some of the most premier talent in the past decade, with the likes of the dominant Bosa brothers, Derrick Henry, Khalil Mack and many more.

"It's different. Florida's different. We the best."