This Lamar Jackson TD was called back, but still is unbelievable to watch


The focus this offseason for the Ravens has been on Lamar Jackson's arm and his throwing accuracy. Against the Packers, he showed what he can do with his legs still. 

On 3rd and 10, Jackson scrambled up the middle and juked out the Green Bays Packers defense for an 18-yard score.

A penalty took the play away on a blindside block from Willie Snead and forced the Ravens to settle for a field goal. Still, the run showcased why the Ravens are so excited for their franchise quarterback as he enters the second year of his NFL career. 

And after the score, Jackson tossed the ball to a fan, too.

"It's always good to score a touchdown, but I just saw a drop coverage on one half," Jackson said at halftime. "The four-man rush gave me a lane, our receivers were covering, and I just did what I do best."

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