Lamar Jackson has always done Lamar Jackson things. Apparently, those things can now be defined as record-breaking.

While impressing the greater football viewing public yet again on Monday Night Football, Jackson passed yet another historic milestone.

These numbers are obviously crazy to wrap your head around, and they provide further evidence that Jackson is on track to be the most prolific dual-threat quarterback in NFL history.

What makes this stat even more wild is how quickly Jackson reached it. He hasn’t even completed his first full season as a starter. Monday night was Jackson’s 18th start in his young career, and while he did appear in a few games before taking over the reigns late last season, the bulk of his numbers have come in those 18 games.

What that means is he has now accomplished something in just 18 games that no other player in the history of the league has been able to do in 32.

Oh yeah, he's also now *top 50 all-time* in career rushing yards for a quarterback. He's only played 18 games.

The Lamar Jackson Show just keeps getting better and better each week.