Lamar Jackson doesn't pay attention to Patrick Mahomes, other top QBs


Sometimes, it really is that simple.

Ahead of Monday Night Football's huge clash between the Ravens and the Chiefs, ESPN's Louis Riddick sat down with Ravens QB Lamar Jackson.

Riddick asked if Jackson ever watches Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes or other top quarterbacks and thinks about trying to add any of their moves to his own game.

His answer? An instantly-legendary "Nahhhhh."

Jackson is already a game-changing talent on his own, and the reigning unanimous NFL MVP to boot, so it's no surprise that he feels he doesn't need to take moves from his peers. He admits that other quarterbacks may do it, but he sure doesn't.

The answer is so surprising that it catches Riddick - who is typically fantastic - completely off guard, and he proceeds to stumble over the transition to his next question. The funniest part is how long Riddick's setup was for the question, clearly expecting a different, more expansive answer.

Then, after all that, he gets a single word: "No."

For Jackson, it's just that simple. He doesn't take moves from other quarterbacks because he doesn't need to. Patrick Mahomes is special, but so is Jackson himself.

It all comes back to Jackson and the Ravens treating this like any other game, and treating the Chiefs like any other team. Of course, Baltimore has a great deal of respect for the Chiefs' talents and what they've accomplished, but the Ravens won't be intimidated.

Jackson even goes so far at one point as to correct himself from calling Kansas City "the Super Bowl champs" to "the former Super Bowl champions." 2020 is a new season, and the Ravens have designs on taking that crown for themselves this year.


In the full interview, Jackson also touches on the frustrating playoff loss to the Titans, social justice initiatives by the players, his iconic spin move against the Bengals, and more.