A look at the strange stardom of Trace McSorley on TikTok


The Ravens’ top two quarterbacks on the depth chart, Lamar Jackson and Robert Griffin III, have both won a Heisman Trophy. Griffin is former Rookie of The Year and Jackson is coming off an MVP award.

But neither of them is as famous as third-string quarterback Trace McSorley is. Well, on TikTok that is. 

Over the last few days, TikTok has had an influx of McSorley videos take over the app. All videos are put to the official “Trace McSorley” song, which was made in 2018 before McSorley’s senior season at Penn State. Videos typically consist of McSorley highlights in either real life or in Madden. 

Part of the chorus of that song sings: “Trace McSorley, throwin’ on a dime, like y’all ain’t even tryin’, just a kid from Briar Woods, I’m wearin No.9.” The song ends with the phrase: “Baker won the Heisman, next up Trace McSorley.”


Over the weekend, the official NFL TikTok account got in on the fun and posted a McSorley video. 

Some videos jokingly include coach John Harbaugh benching Jackson in favor of McSorley, or of fans passing up Patrick Mahomes,Tom Brady and Cam Newton jerseys in favor of McSorley jerseys.

Others jokingly refer to McSorley as the "best player in the NFL."

As of early Friday morning, there were just over 1,000 videos that used the McSorley song. Sunday afternoon, that number had skyrocketed to 3,247. 

McSorley has become a popular add in ESPN fantasy leagues, and has been one of the highest added players over the last seven days, rivaling new starter Brett Rypien in Denver.

He’s not the Ravens’ star, he’s played in just one snap in the NFL, but he’s certainly got the most clout on TikTok.